Purple Fedora
Gaining new clients online, in style

About Us

Purple Fedora brings together a great team managed by Jason de Jonge and with many years of sales and copy writing experience, Gareth Wax along with their distinctive facial hair
Jason has over 20 years experience managing the support operations for a variety of businesses, great and small, providing recruitment, data mining/processing and sales support.

Jason manages the process and will keep your campaign on track and provide you with regular updates.
Gareth has owned and managed IT sales, IT software, Business support and Lead generation businesses. His experience is in getting prospects to understand your proposition and helping to get you to the close.

Gareth runs the sales and copywriting side of the business and will work with you to understand the goals and work with you to map and prepare the campaign

What we do

Long before we all talked in hushed tones about wet markets and bats were no longer a menu item, Jason de Jonge and Gareth Wax saw there was a hole in the market.
But they all use some sort of AI and automation to identify and follow up and then pelt people with messages until they roll over and submit.
At Purple Fedora we will help you achieve a superstar profile - one that shines and gets people excited.
  1. We want you to establish yourself and hence your firm
    as a repository of respected useful relevant knowledge on your specialist topic.
  2. Then we use humans (real live ones with personalities and everything)
    to help you promote and build momentum and hence create social proofing.
  3. We think it is better to be revered as a source of good knowledge,
    than to be irritated by unwarranted cold connection requests and constant sales messages.
  4. Once you are well known as being knowledgeable and helpful,
    you can move people from Online to Offline and build sales.
Our process is all about research, research, research, follow, like, and connect.

Don't just take our word for it.....


So here's the offer:

  1. Contact Gareth (our spiffing sales director)
    at gareth@purple-fedora.com and book a 15 min discussion.
  2. In that time he will give you 3 awesome tips
    to make your profile sparkle, and he will also talk to you in more detail about Purple Fedora.
  3. So that is 15 mins, 3 awesome tips and 5 mins
    of Gareth talking!!! Brilliant!!!

Purple Fedora
Gaining new clients online, in style

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